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Perfect combinations

A Taste for the Finer Things

Harveys Rich Old Oloroso V.O.R.S

Tapas Plates

Choose a selection of your favourite tapas plates and enjoy alongside this medium dry sherry. Classic tapas dishes include meatballs with sauce (Albóndigas), fried, diced potato (Patatas bravas) and spanish omelette (Tortilla de patatas).

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Harveys Pedro Ximenez V.O.R.S

Ice Cream

This dark, velvety sherry goes very well paired with plain vanilla ice cream and some sherry soaked raisins. Simply soak the raisins in sherry for 30 minutes, add to the ice cream and drizzle with flaked almonds or praline biscuits for a finishing touch.

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Harveys Fino

Tapas snacks

This dry, pale white sherry is the perfect accompaniment to tapas-inspired snacks. A few ingredients you can combine for a Spanish-style snack include: smoked paprika almonds; serrano ham; fresh olives; artichoke hearts; tomatoes; garlic oil and bread; manchego cheese and chorizo.

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Harveys Fine Old Amontillado V.O.R.S

Indian or Thai curry

The lemon zest and orange notes of this dry, rich sherry make it robust enough to cut through the spicy, herbal flavours of Indian and Thai curries. Tomato based Indian curries or a Thai red curry work especially well.

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Bristol cream

Mince pies

What better to team our classic sherry with than the firm favourite Christmas favourite, mince pies. Simply serve together and enjoy.

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