Our Heritage

For over 220 years We’ve been producing sherry for well over two centuries. Here’s how it all began.

Harveys History

The Harveys story begins back in 1796 when the company was first founded in an old house on Bristol’s historic Denmark St as an importer of foreign wines. At the time sherry was imported into Britain in oak casks by ship, and then blended in Bristol. From there our sherry making expertise grew and grew to become a global icon of the drink itself. Since these humble beginnings Harveys has gone through a few changes as well as having our fair share of landmark moments...

The Home of Harveys

Jerez in southern Spain
Harveys vineyards are situated in the picturesque region of Jerez in southern Spain where the local winegrowers cultivate a selection of grapes. Southern Spain is the home of the golden triangle. The three points of the golden triangle of sherry production are the cities of Jerez, Sanlucar de Barrameda to the west and El Puerto de Santa Maria to the south. Each area has its own microclimate that contributes to the character and style of its local sherry. For example, Sanlucar, which is close to the cool Atlantic Ocean and high humidity of the Guadalquivir River, produces a special fino (Manzanilla) that has the fresh and salty tang of the sea. Jerez

The Jerez Climate

The Perfect Conditions

Two varying grape varieties in Harveys sherry



The Palomino grape is very well known in the world of sherry making. It tends to result in drier types of sherry. It’s said to be named after Fernán Palomino, a famous knight of Spain’s Reconquista period.

Pedro Ximenez

Pedro Ximenez

The Pedro Ximenez grape is another grape that’s traditional to the sherry-making process. It has a relatively high acidity level, meaning that it lends itself to sweeter wines.

The Crianza

The ageing of Sherry
All our sherries are aged for an absolute minimum of three years in American oak barrels, known as ‘botas’ around Jerez. Here’s how the criadrea y solera process works. No solera is ever emptied completely, so each sherry will contain a small proportion of wine from when the solera was first established.
Barrels of Crianza
  1. Vintage Sherry
    3a Criadera
  2. 2a Criadera
  3. 1a Criadera
  4. Solera Saca
    (Final stage)

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