Enjoying Sherry

The versatility of sherry is unique and presents a whole world of discovery through food and cocktails

How to enjoy

Sherry is wine therefore should be consumed within a reasonable period after purchase. A fino/manzanilla can be sealed up to a year and once open keeps for up to one week, if kept in a fridge. Other sherries can be sealed for up to 3 years, and once open are good for up to 2 months. The VORS range has no limit on how long it can be sealed and should be consumed if opened within 3 months. As with any other quality wine, find a quiet place with a stable temperature to store your sherry. Keep the bottles standing up, and once unsealed, keep the bottles closed properly to keep them from going off. The traditional 'catavinos' glass is the ideal drinking glass for sherry. An all purpose white wine glass with a proper bowl (to allow the wine to breathe) and a stem (to avoid warming up) will allow you to enjoy Sherry. Never use a small glass. Fill the wine glass up to one third and allow to breathe before enjoying.

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